Podcast 4 – Does your website have the flu?

Hey everyone, it’s the techy girl here. As I’m sure many of you have had as well, I got hit with a really nasty flu last week. It’s been about 5 years since I’ve had the flu. I’ve had little colds here and there but not like this. I had it all. The fever the cough the nose the no sleeping the dayquil/nyquil addition. A big shout out to the people at vicks as well. Love you guys! And I kept hearing from people, oh you’re taking an antibiotic. Isn’t it better if you just “let it run its course”…..let it run its course??? You mean suffer and be sick for longer???? Why??? Isn’t that worse??? Doesn’t that just mean I’ll get sicker or it will turn into bronchitis or something??? Why does it need to run its course if there is something I can do to make it better. Which (once I got out of my vick’s coma of course), got me thinking about my business.


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