Podcast 3 – the work from home is easy myth

Hey everyone and welcome to the Techy Girl Podcast.  Today we are going to be talking about working from home.  One of the great things about digital marketing or running an online business is that you can do it from home!  Sounds great!  Right???? The truth of the matter is working from home is harder then working in an office.  At least for me it was.  I didn’t so much have a problem with the self discipline that working from home takes.  That part was ok for me.  But the little differences were what got me.




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2 thoughts on “Podcast 3 – the work from home is easy myth”

  • Oh my God, Techy Girl!! I so relate to you in so many things! 😊 It’s hard for some people to understand what we do when we say we “work online”! It’s not visible, is it? I have a full time job, so once I finish work, I am on my phone checking MY business emails, messages, desperately looking for blog posts that have vanished… 😛 My husband thinks I am on the phone too much. But it’s not that, my business is MY baby, and I need to spend some time to make it grow! Excellent podcast!

    • You are not alone!!! Today my husband me it was the weekend and you’re not supposed to work on weekends…..hahahahahah!!!!

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