Podcast 2 – Why you need to know the tech

Welcome back to the Techy Girl Podcast.  I’m Stephanie the Techy Girl and today we’re going to be talking about why you need to know the tech. Here’s the deal.  You can always find someone who can build your website and make it work.  You can certainly find someone to run your social media campaigns and build your funnels.  And they’ll be awesome at it.  You’ll get new clients and sales from it. But as a business owner, shouldn’t you know what a funnel is?  Shouldn’t you know what a tweet is?  If you’re sitting there shaking your head no, you can go ahead and turn this podcast off now. It won’t help you much.  But if maybe you’re agreeing at least a little bit, then hear me out.

Link to seo checklist

Link to lead magnet post

Link to e-Myth book

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